The land of the Piave,
the light of Venice

Our wines

In all wines we rediscover the close connection with the family and local wine-making tradition matched with a continuous search for improvement and technological innovation.


Villa Canthus is a small, family-run winery that has been producing clean, honest and unique wines since 1987. Villa Canthus is the perfect combination between the art of making good wine and a unique territory. The walls of the Villa Veneta are steeped in enthusiasm, patience and constant commitment to producing, year after year, extraordinary wine.
produzione vino veneto

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Discovering Villa Canthus through a glass of wine is an experience that talks about territory and philosophy of this small reality through the 5 senses.


The timeless sublime beauty of Venice attracts people from all over the world to discover its priceless heritage of wonders.


Excellent winery with excellent wines. Tasting beyond expectations both in quality and hospitality. Beautiful villa and location both outside and the tasting room. Experience that goes beyond oenology through culture and the love that these people put into the work they do and from this passion can only come a great wine. Congratulations.

Mirko C.


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