In a characteristic strip of land along the right bank of the Piave River, at the bend called Lampol and in the municipality of Fossalta di Piave, stands a typical 18th-century Venetian Villa: Palazzo Bortolozzi Marini.

The origins of Ormenese family

Today this beautiful testament to history, art and architecture is home to Villa Canthus, a small winery and artisanal business that produces white, red and raisin wines. This entrepreneurial idea was born from the passion of Giuliano Ormenese who, looking with admiration at the work of his father Leo, grandfather Angelo and great-grandfather Bepi, started the business in the 1970s with small productions of wine from peculiar grapes of the Triveneto region and then founded Villa Canthus in 1987.

azienda agricola vini

Villa Canthus wines

This territory washed by the Sacred River of the Fatherland allows a versatility of wines all to be discovered and appreciated. From grapes harvested exclusively by hand, it is possible to discover and taste white and red wines from the Triveneto region, including those that lend themselves well to aging such as Raboso del Piave, more special wines related to the drying of grapes such as Verduzzo Trevigiano and wines with the famous bubbles that at Villa Canthus are born with the method of refermentation in the bottle.

The art of making good wine

Villa Canthus is the perfect combination of the art of making good wine and a unique territory. The walls of the Villa Veneta are steeped in enthusiasm, patience and constant commitment to producing exceptional wine year after year. On the one hand, the soil washed by the Piave River that becomes rich in clay, sand and pebbles that give peculiar characteristics to the grapes and the finished product and on the other hand, Giuliano, who with his daughter Deborah put the teachings, secrets and know-how transmitted and learned over many years of work into each bottle.

produzione vino veneto

The passion of telling wine

Day after day, Giuliano and Deborah produce and bottle a small but sought-after range of products that are a methodical pursuit of high quality. The elements that characterize their work are their passion and dedication to expertly transforming the fruit of nature, creating a clean, unique and sincere drink that tells a story that starts from the warm berry kissed by the sun to the bottle ready to be uncorked.